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Absolute favourite from Tartu, Estonia! It is well known house – a true architectural celebrity.

Designed by Atelier Thomas Pucher. Invited competition 2006, the project was shortlisted for the WAN Residential Awards 2011.

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Reality matters:
Amazing thing about this building is that it does not look even half as good in a presentation, as it does in reality. But isn’t it what good architecture should be about: good result in reality-who cares about the renderings? Makes me remember my school where well presented unworthy designs would draw most attention, and is my school an exception? However I think, the designers ether removed or changed the original renderings that once were available on the web.

Another handsome house from Kakumae, Tallinn.

Main elements: corten steel cladding, cantilevered front, swimming pool at the rear, small terrace, skylights, solar panels, existing trees preserved.

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Photos taken in autumn 2011.

Note smart use of cantilevered front for firewood storage.

Extension and renovation building in Rue de Belgrade, Brussels.

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Some more contemporary architecture from Brussels, well hidden, as usual. Street façade and street view.

The building is located not very far from MIdi train station and it is just next to the tram depot – that is the massive brick building on the left of the street view.

Renovation and extension of former industrial building. at Zennestraat/Rue de la Senne, current function: apartments. Designed by Vanhaerents and Lhoas & Lhoas Architectes.

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The sign on the corner is a poetic reminder  that the street once was a river (Zenne street is named after the river that once used to flow here, but has long been running underground). This building asks “Cry Me A River” and New York New Museum of Contemporary Art responds: “Hell, Yes!“.

Colourful balconies give nice reflections to the buildings across the street on a sunny day. This project became one of the first revival signs of the still rather run-down neighbourhood.

From the explorations of an area I am living now. Several apartment blocks in Vahepere street, Kakumae finished in 2005:

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Found units in these buildings for sale (if anyone interested), however the interior can be disappointing. As rephrasing a popular proverb: you can take a person out of a soviet block, but you cannot take the soviet block out of him.
As seen in the ads, the building looks even better in winter.

Just to be very clear: the name “Tetris” is my own invention, it is not an official name.

Extension and renovation building in Rue du Peuplier, Brussels.

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This was photographed during unusually sunny summer of 2011, hopefully this snow white building looks as good against more common grey sky too.
I did not succeed to find who designed the building nor any other photos of the project on the Internet. If you happen to know the architect’s name I would be more than happy to add this information.


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