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The Baljurk (Ball-gown building) designed by architect: Eric Vreedenburgh – Archipelontwerpers.

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Built in 2005 at Kettingstaat / Achterom streets, this is quite well published building, easy to spot, easy to remember.  Apparently more interesting than just shiny front façade cover – contains apartment blocks with roof terraces. And as I think about it-if they ever get bored, they can always change the building’s “evening dress” to anything else they can come up with.

Absolute favourite from Tartu, Estonia! It is well known house – a true architectural celebrity.

Designed by Atelier Thomas Pucher. Invited competition 2006, the project was shortlisted for the WAN Residential Awards 2011.

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Reality matters:
Amazing thing about this building is that it does not look even half as good in a presentation, as it does in reality. But isn’t it what good architecture should be about: good result in reality-who cares about the renderings? Makes me remember my school where well presented unworthy designs would draw most attention, and is my school an exception? However I think, the designers ether removed or changed the original renderings that once were available on the web.

Renovation and extension of former industrial building. at Zennestraat/Rue de la Senne, current function: apartments. Designed by Vanhaerents and Lhoas & Lhoas Architectes.

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The sign on the corner is a poetic reminder  that the street once was a river (Zenne street is named after the river that once used to flow here, but has long been running underground). This building asks “Cry Me A River” and New York New Museum of Contemporary Art responds: “Hell, Yes!“.

Colourful balconies give nice reflections to the buildings across the street on a sunny day. This project became one of the first revival signs of the still rather run-down neighbourhood.


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