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Another handsome house from Kakumae, Tallinn.

Main elements: corten steel cladding, cantilevered front, swimming pool at the rear, small terrace, skylights, solar panels, existing trees preserved.

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Photos taken in autumn 2011.

Note smart use of cantilevered front for firewood storage.

More apartment blocks from Kakumae, Tallinn. Designed by architects Siiri Vallner and Indrek Peil, built in 2005. I like the use of decorative wood stripes,  yellow “cut outs”,  and just note how the rain pipes are incorporated in the design.

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Kakumae is a residential area toward the east from the city center. Newly planned and built, some of the buildings are still rising up and it is happening really fast!

From the explorations of an area I am living now. Several apartment blocks in Vahepere street, Kakumae finished in 2005:

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Found units in these buildings for sale (if anyone interested), however the interior can be disappointing. As rephrasing a popular proverb: you can take a person out of a soviet block, but you cannot take the soviet block out of him.
As seen in the ads, the building looks even better in winter.

Just to be very clear: the name “Tetris” is my own invention, it is not an official name.


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