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M Museum by Stéphane Beel Architecten, Leuven, Belgium. M – Museum Leuven is the successor to the Vander Kelen-Mertens Municipal Museum. Current structure integrates two new and two old buildings.

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I can see a poetic architect’s approach: reflective windows “frame” views of medieval surroundings on the exterior of the museum.

Museum stands out  from regular Leuven streets as it is unusually bright in colour (pale sandstone colour) and homogeneous vs traditional Leuven red (much darker in shade) brick detailed and intricate façades.

One more cantilever building, this time form Belgium, small university town Leuven. It is situated next to Martelarenplein , what is on the left hand side from the main railway station.

Architects of the building are Crépain Binst architecture and ARCHI + 1.

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This local branch bank insurance building is rather impossible to miss due to it’s amazing cantilever. The structure is well hidden so that the building looks close to impossible to be built.

The cantilever in this case even works as a public shelter, it is neat new and protects you against rain. As you can see in the photos-people do hang around it.

And again, as I have mentioned in my previous post, this building in reality looks much better than in presentation drawings of an architect: good architecture is not about renders!


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