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Jet another amazing house nearby Kakumae, Tallinn. Officially already a bit further out of the city, in Lucca village. This house is designed by Indrek Allmann in 1999 and, as I found out, it received plenty awards and notifications in early 2000’s.

Well you can see the style of the period is evident, but nevertheless the house is really interesting. Surely it is interesting as the client is the architect himself :)
Completely elevated from the ground on steel structure, rooms on the cliff side have openings on the floor, exterior finish is wood (now weathered to almost metal-like looks) main stairs make it look like a tree house, I even assume it has a terrace on the lower “box”. Besides this house must have excellent views to the nearby sea and Tallinn in the distance.
Sadly this project makes me think of so many countries where projects like this, in natural surroundings, would be just impossible due to all kinds of regulations.

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Discovered while exploring the area, cycling, looking for picturesque pathways by the cliffs near sea, as the house is rather hidden on a very calm road. After discovering it, even came back to take better photos when the weather was more photo-worthy.

Some interesting architecture from Vilnius.

Apartment building in Ciurlionio street, Vilnius, Lithuania. Unusual, very Dutch-like approach. Namely: overall shape of the building; roof shingles are used for façade and the roof , what is usual sight in Benelux countries for side façades, firewalls to be protected from the rain. Also a bit like the famous MVRDV variations (Ypenburg, etc.). This apartment building was designed in 2007 by architect Palekas, one of my ex-professors.

Definitely different from the typical Vilnius or Lithuanian architecture of the last decade.

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The Baljurk (Ball-gown building) designed by architect: Eric Vreedenburgh – Archipelontwerpers.

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Built in 2005 at Kettingstaat / Achterom streets, this is quite well published building, easy to spot, easy to remember.  Apparently more interesting than just shiny front façade cover – contains apartment blocks with roof terraces. And as I think about it-if they ever get bored, they can always change the building’s “evening dress” to anything else they can come up with.

Absolute favourite from Tartu, Estonia! It is well known house – a true architectural celebrity.

Designed by Atelier Thomas Pucher. Invited competition 2006, the project was shortlisted for the WAN Residential Awards 2011.

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Reality matters:
Amazing thing about this building is that it does not look even half as good in a presentation, as it does in reality. But isn’t it what good architecture should be about: good result in reality-who cares about the renderings? Makes me remember my school where well presented unworthy designs would draw most attention, and is my school an exception? However I think, the designers ether removed or changed the original renderings that once were available on the web.


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